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The hacker hacked FTX was a list of Ethereum Kitov

The hacker hacked FTX was a list of Ethereum Kitov

The Argo Blockchain hacker hacked FTX was a list of Ethereum Kitov

The stolen 228 523 ETH (~ $ 288.5 million) with FTX unknown was 35 in the list of the largest owners of the second cryptocurrency capitalization.

FTX Accounts Drainer (0x59ab … 32b) Has Conducted Multiple Swap and Cross-Chain Operations for Day and Currently Holds ~ $ 338,598,702 of assetsets.

The Majority of the Funds Are Held in the
0x59ABF3837FA962D6853B4CC0A19513AA031FD32B Address.

According to experts from Beosin, the attacker conducted several swap and cross-operations. He currently owns assets in the amount of ~ $ 338.6 million. Most of them in Ethereum.

The hacker got into the list of Ethereum-kits from Coincarp after the BECON Chain deposit contract, many exchanges, second-level protocols and Defi-MOSTS. Its share was 0.19%.

The top 20 wallets accounts for 27.7% of the market supply Ethereum, on the top 50-about a third.

According to Elliptic, the total damage from the actions of the hacker amounted to $ 477 million, which is higher than the preliminary estimate of more than $ 400 million. He converted most of the stolen funds in Ethereum. $ 186 million of $ 663 million on this day transferred FTX itself to cold wallets.

Experts interviewed by Cointelegraph at the time of the incident admitted that the hacking was carried out by an insider exchange.

“If there was no compromise of the closed key (which is not currently evidence), then we cannot exclude that someone, having access to FTX and FTX US wallets, transferred funds to its wallets”, – commented on security director at Certik Hugh Brooks.

Recall, according to Coindesk sources, CTO FTX Gary Wang, Head of FTX Development NIShad Cing and ex-eo company Sam Bankman-Frida controlled the code, a comparison mechanism and means. The interlocutor of the publication doubted that with malicious actions, one of the other employees could track this.

Previously, the former head of Microstrategy Michael Sailor and CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao called for independent storage of crypto assets.

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